Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Schedule it!

Football is over - yea! Dead of winter is here - yuck! Time to have a focus on food and exercise.

I like having a calendar or schedule to look at on a day to day basis - and ironically, so do my girls. Whatever is on the schedule - we do. When it's not on the schedule - we don't do anything and that when the house unravels. Sound familiar?

I took some time this weekend and again this morning while the girls were at school to take a look at the calendar. Over the weekend, I scheduled my own Personal Trainer for Wednesdays and a workout Mondays before the workweek begins. On Saturdays I teach my class (if you are interested let me know), so there are still a few open slots in the calendar to add workouts. I added a yoga class for Fridays so we'll see how that goes.

Anytime things are written whether they be your schedule, goals, or to do's, etc, the more you are apt to follow through on them. Take a minute and think what should you have written down?

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