Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changes Made!

So I am taking my own advice - making some changes!

A few easy things to get started and to feel like progress is being made is the best way to kick off a plan. What can you do in 48 hours to get started? Here are 5 suggestions to get started.

1. I cleaned out my refrigerator of all "bad" food!! Yes, it is pretty empty but a starting point.
2. Made an appointment with my personal trainer. This is going to be scary, but it's the only way I am accountable to keep on working out. He's coming on Friday for our first official workout...
3. Started to exercise. I just did it - don't think about it - just go!
4. Logging food - I know everyone hates this. It's time consuming and a pain in the butt to do, but IT WORKS!!! If there is one thing out there that I can recommend its to log. It doesn't matter how you do it, just get it down - on paper or electronically. I am using MyFitnessPal and there are many others out there - pick one that works best for you!
5. Increased water intake. Get a BPA free bottle and drink water!!

Even though it sounds like a lot, once you get started and keep it up for a few days, it will not only get easier, but it will become part of your routine.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How do you start living healthy?

How do you get back into exercise and eating healthy when you have been away from it for a while? Tough question!!

For many moms, we focus on our kids and put ourselves on the back burner. Even though this is normal, it is the worst thing to do. We need to be role models for our children.

So - how do we start? Isn't that the hardest part? I sure think so!

Make the decision to change. Change something - anything! Change something once a week or one small thing a day - you choose - just decide to change a little bit at a time.

Make the decision and get yourself psyched to change!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Backtrack: Surviving Children's Birthday Parties

Back from hiatus! It's been a while - Nicolas Thomas arrived on August 13!! We are all doing well - keeping busy - getting some sleep - and trying, to no avail yet, to get into a schedule. 

I am going to backtrack just a bit to the days before he arrived...

Mariela's Third Birthday
Mariela turned 3 on August 9th. We had a small celebration with my parents and grandmother the day before. While encouraging Mariela's three year old independence, I asked her what she would like to have for dinner on her birthday. She replies, "HOT DOGS!!!"

Quelle horror!!! Right?

Not really!! I am glad she likes all kinds of foods - even if it is the worst one for you.

As hot dogs are a staple at most parties and summer holiday weekends - including those for adults - what is one to do to in order to maintain a good way of eating?? Eat well as much as you can. Go ahead and have one (1) hot dog and then try to fill in the gaps with better sides. Or if you can, bring a side dish that you know is healthy and won't ruin your good work.

So, that's what I tried to do. I made side dishes that wouldn't break the food budget: pasta salad (recipe below), corn on the cob, watermelon for dessert, and of course a birthday cake. By offsetting the bad food with some healthy alternatives, the meal does not seem like a waste. You are able to enjoy the cookout with everyone else.

Now the hard part is staying away from the second hot dog or the chips, dips, and other sides. Your best bet if you are unable to have healthy side or alternatives is to eat at home before you go. It's not as much fun, I know, but it's a great way to fiend off the hunger when the Doritos are calling your name.

Good luck at the kids' parties!!

Pasta Salad
1 lb of cooked Barilla Plus Rotini pasta
Favorite chopped vegetables - I choose carrots, red peppers, cucumbers, black olives
Feta cheese: 1/2 regular and 1/2 reduced fat
Dressing: Greek, Italian, or oil/vinegar; no creamed dressings

Mix all ingredients together and keep cold until serving. Enjoy!!