Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Happy New Year!

What a crazy holiday season! We had family in for Thanksgiving, Nicolas' baptism, Christmas and New Years Day. It was a great time but ready to get back into the groove and back into a schedule. Today was Back to School, family left, and time to clean and back (or start) to log my food.

The first Strong Like You 6 week program of 2011 started this weekend also. What a way to start the year - on a scale. I know it's awful for everyone to stand on a scale but after 2 months of indulging - that number is BAD! Definitely time to refocus and plan ahead! If you are interested in joining the 6 week program let me know! You can do it in person or virtually.

So today I logged and drank 5 cups of water. If everyday can get a bit better, that is a great accomplishment.

What is your health goal for the upcoming year?

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