Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner with Prego Lex

One more week down... still here... no baby yet...

What a great dinner we had Saturday night. Not only were there great friends, but fantastic food cooked to perfection!!

Gil and I went to a great friends' home for dinner, desserts, and drinks on Saturday. We always have a great time with them, but this time was over the top! Since it's probably my last dinner pregnant with them, the hostess splurged and wow did she impress! Flank steak cooked to perfection for all tastes, scalloped potatoes (I'll get to them in a minute), string beans, and stuffed tomatoes. We brought a salad (recipe below) and some vino for the group!

We got into a discussion about eating with me - pregnant and not. Yes, I do change my eating habits when pregnant - I splurge more, eat more and enjoy food more, but I still try to eat as healthy as possible. Some may say, shouldn't you eat better when you are pregnant since you are eating for a baby as well? Well, maybe I should rephrase and say I enjoy heartier food more and in slightly larger quantities.

But back to the meal... The scalloped potatoes were amazing! I don't know what is in them and I certainly don't want to know. They tasted too good to ruin them in my head with the actual ingredients. But this is the point I want to make. If you don't eat scalloped potatoes or food such as this often - splurge! Go for it!! You have to enjoy yourself and indulge every once in a while. I love food, but I also try to make sure I don't go crazy too often with less than perfect-for-your-health options.

Bottom line - the non-pregnant Lex will request the scalloped potatoes again! But, I will make room for them in my food log. They are too good to never have again!!

Salad Recipe
Head of organic red leaf lettuce
Head of organic romaine lettuce
Strawberries - quartered - about 2-3 per person
Goat cheese - 1 TBSP per person
Ken's Healthy Options Raspberry Walnut Dressing - 1 TBSP per person
Candied walnuts - 1 TBSP per person
Mix all ingredients together - ENJOY!!

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