Monday, July 26, 2010

First Timer

Here we are - 36 weeks pregnant and writing the first blog. This is going to be a crazy journey my friends - that I am sure of. Everything else - not so sure...

With 4 weeks left, I am anxious - for many things: meeting our new baby boy, changes in family dynamics, getting my body back to myself nevertheless to what it was before, enjoying a DRINK!!, and lastly getting back to running and exercise!

I am going to miss my almost nightly bowl of ice cream with crushed Heath bar pieces and of course the occasional Yours Truly Not-so Fries. But, to have my body back as my own - it's worth it!!

In addition to sharing my journey back to fitness and normalcy with two toddlers and a newborn, I will be offering tips or tricks or workout songs or anything to help motivate and focus. I welcome your thoughts and feedback on how I can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Strong Like Mom Tip: Find a BPA-free water bottle that works for you and use it! At least 8 cups (64 oz) of water a day!! Start slow and attach the water bottle to your hip.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere and best wishes with #3! Can't wait to read your wellness tips. I've been battling my muffin top hard this year. :)

  2. Like you didn't have enough on your plate right now! Same old Lex! If anyone can do it, you can!

  3. I LOVE it Lex!! Great job and I will be a devoted reader! I totally agree that if anyone can juggle all of this and three's you!!

  4. Hey, hey there, Lex!!! You got it, girl!!! This looks AWESOME!!! NICE JOB! I LOVE your first entry. It sounds like your voice and the Lex I know. :) Can't wait to read more of your entires! Here's to more blogging... :) Amy T.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Very excited to get this moving and to physically get moving! Amy - Here here - just wish I had a glass of vino to raise!! Soon enough!